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'Sappers' - A Teaser Film on the FoU-EOD IMAS EOD L3 'Intermediate' Course

'Sappers' - A Teaser Film on the FoU-EOD IMAS EOD L3 'intermediate' course in November and December 2022.

'Women in War'.

All those who attended were returning students from earlier in 2022. Simon Gilchrist, a renowned independent film maker, with Xia Gray from Cambridge University (Varsity Magazine), with Gemma Caldwell, another independent film maker and old friend, visited the FoU-EOD Jersey Overseas Aid funded course, which featured the training of Ukrainians, predominantly females, to intermediate EOD levels of competency. The plan is that the teaser will gain sufficient attention to then become a short film or a series, following predominantly the female operators back in Ukraine.

We hope you enjoy the short film and we would like to thank Simon for taking the time to come out and shoot the teaser and we would like to thank Jersey Overseas Aid for funding the course. And all the staff at the MAT Kosovo EOD School for being so accommodating and supporting the filming of the teaser.

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