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FoU-EOD's work in helping Ukraine makes it to Ukrainian media

Updated: Jan 10

The amazing work that has been done through FOU-EOD for almost a year now continues to get media coverage, the last one being an interview that one of our IMAS EOD course interpreters Uliana Yurenko gave to a local Ukrainian News Media.

Read the article below.

Time to collect explosives: How and where Ukrainian sappers are trained

Original Article by | – January 05, 2023

Kosovo was considered the country most contaminated by landmines before Ukraine took this bitter title. It is in Kosovo that one of the leading mine clearance training centers is located - "MAT Kosovo", which trains sappers according to international standards. In March, the center began training Ukrainian deminers. Ulyana Yurenko was supposed to become the training coordinator for two weeks, however, she has been working there for the eighth month.

*This article has been translated from Ukrainian.

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