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Mark Helyar is a lawyer and is the treasury lead (Chancellor) for the Bailiwick of Guernsey and a member of Guernsey’s senior political committee, the Policy and Resources Committee.  Mark’s professional expertise lies in the insurance and CAT reinsurance market where he is an acknowledged expert and has won or been nominated for several international awards for novel and innovative structures, including most recently a reinsurance structure created for the Danish Red Cross to insure volcano risk in South America.  Mark holds several directorships of large regulated insurers and investment funds and has advised several foreign governments and regulatory authorities on the drafting and inception of legislation in relation to insurance and reinsurance.  Mark has represented, been a member of, and formed several of Guernsey’s largest charities  and government commissions, including the Arts and Youth Commissions.  He is the Chairman of Citizens Advice Guernsey and has EOD experience through his former directorship of the Mines Awareness Trust, a Guernsey charity which provided humanitarian EOD awareness training and other support following the Kosovo War.


Andrea (who is also known as “Milly”) was bought up between Guernsey and South & East Asia. She has a degree in Japanese and returning to her native Guernsey in 1999, began her career in Fiduciary and Administration, subsequently setting up and running her own businesses. She discovered her passion for serving her community and was elected to public office as a Douzenier in 2012 and then as a States of Guernsey Deputy in 2016 whilst continuing to work in the private sector. Andrea is serving her second term and is the President of the Committee for Education, Sport & Culture. As a senior member of the Guernsey government, she works closely with fellow Directors, Dave Mahoney and Mark Helyar in that role.

She has continued her interest and professional development in Governance and has built on qualifications in Fiduciary Administration, more recently completing the IOD Certificate in Company Director. Andrea has previously been involved in charitable ventures notably the Guernsey Post Natal Depression Support Group of which she was one of the founding members.

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Dave Mahoney is a fiduciary industry expert having spent 36 years in the offshore finance world working for major international banks and accountancy firms, with his career having seen him travel to clients globally, and live and work in Jersey, Grand Cayman and The Bahamas. He is currently the Managing Director of a licenced and regulated Guernsey trust company where he oversees the administration of a Private Family Office. Dave was successfully elected as a States Deputy in the 2020 Guernsey elections and sits with co-director Mark Helyar as a member of Policy & Resources, Guernsey’s most senior political committee, where he has the lead for the States as Employer, and the States Property Portfolio. Dave holds various directorships across a wide range of trading, investment, and asset holdings companies.
Dave was previously a director and the treasurer of, the Guernsey Rugby Academy, promoting the participation and enjoyment of "the greatest sport in the world"  (his words)

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